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QCC’s pre-budget submission 2016

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) has released its pre-Budget submission for the Queensland 2016-17 Budget.  In this submission we present a number of recommendations that, if implemented, could begin the process of decoupling Queensland’s economic growth from its greenhouse emissions. We also note other environmental election commitments that require new funding for their implementation. This pre-budget submission […]

QCC welcomes ‘Chain of Responsibility’ bill that makes polluters pay for clean up

22 April 2016 Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) today welcomes the introduction of legislation that will make polluters pay for environmental rehabilitation. Kirsten Macey, Climate Campaigner at QCC said this new bill means that the Queensland taxpayer will no longer have to foot the bill to fix the environmental damage left by big mining companies. “This bill will mean […]

Australia signs Paris Agreement but keeps digging coal

22 April 2016 If Australia doesn’t stop digging and burning coal then today’s signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in New York is just a lot of hot air. Queensland Conservation Council Climate Campaigner Kirsten Macey said, “Not only must Australia now ratify the Paris Agreement but they must now take strong, ambitious action to […]

No more delays to Murray-Darling Basin Plan

21 April 2016 A coalition of eighteen environment, Indigenous and community groups has called on State and Commonwealth governments to rule out delaying or weakening environmental water recovery targets in the Murray-Darling Basin. The call comes ahead of Friday’s meeting of State and Commonwealth Water Ministers, their last meeting before a decision in June to […]

QCC Statement on National Air Pollution Data

Monday 18 April 2016 Today the Queensland Conservation Council has expressed grave concern about the recent release of the National Air Pollution data showing continued increase in air pollution across Queensland. “It’s clear that not only is coal a major cause of global warming but one of the top contributors to air pollution. We need to […]

Peabody bankruptcy shows the end of coal

14 April 2016 The announcement that the biggest coal mining company in the world Peabody Energy has filed for bankruptcy sounds alarm bells for Queensland communities reliant on coal mining. “Peabody has six coal mines in Queensland, the Queensland Government must immediately ask Peabody Energy Australia if they have the financial resources to pay for […]

Stand up for our reef, indigenous people and the environment against BIG coal

6 April 2016 Blogpost by Kirsten Macey, Climate Campaigner at the Queensland Conservation Council This is a story about indigenous people’s right to say no, about protecting the environment and about an antiquated coal industry winning it all. It’s a story that has repeated itself over the generations – too often the environment and indigenous […]

Reef, climate and the environment lose out to BIG coal

3 April 2016  “This is a devastating blow for Queensland – for our Great Barrier Reef, our climate and the environment.” Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) strongly condemns the Queensland Government’s approval of the largest coal mine in Australia – the Adani Carmichael Coal mine. “Today the reef, climate and the Queensland environment lose out to […]